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Hints and Tips For Playing Live TV Roulette Online

There are a few tips that can help your edge against the house when playing live TV roulette online. If you are playing at a full table, you’ll get about 30 spins an hour. This will slow down the exposure time of your money and also increase your comp time. Comp time is a perk casinos will often give you for playing at their establishment. You can enjoy such perks as cash bonuses, free hotels stays, and other types of rewards. Another tip is to never waste money purchasing a so called Roulette “System”. Some will claim they have a sure fire way to win at Roulette. Always remember, this is one game that is based on pure chance and that the house has the edge; as in many casino games. Check the live TV roulette online websites for details on their bonuses or comps.

So if there is no secure strategy to win at Roulette then why do people play? One of the most appealing aspects to roulette is the ease of playing. There isn’t anything you really need to know to place a bet. There are, however, some common sense strategies that will prevent you from placing bets not in your favor. For example, it is very possible to place a large amount of bets with the idea that the odds of the ball landing on one of your number will increase. This is true; however, consider playing the lottery with all combination’s possible. You would spend more money purchasing that number of combination’s than you would have at a payout chance. Playing live TV roulette online has different appeals. One of the differences between a land-based casino and an online arena is that there is no need to fight your way to the table to place bets. Also, you don’t need to deal with any unruly players, miss placing your bets, and actually have much better odds of winning.

The basics of roulette are simple. Usually there are up to eight players that play again the house. The house is represented by the dealer, aka croupier. The dealer spins the roulette wheel and also handles all bets, or wagers, as well as payouts. The two main types of roulette wheels are the European or French version which consists of 37 slots which represent 26 numbers and one zero. The American version differs only in that is has two zeros instead of one and therefore thirty-eight slots. Most live TV roulette online sites play with the European wheel.

The object of the game is also simple. Remember again that this is a total game of chance and prediction. You need to predict which number slot the ball will land in. It’s that simple. There are players who play what is called “HOT” numbers. These players believe they have a better chance of these numbers coming up more often than others. The bottom line is that there is no one strategy that is going to give you proven prediction rights to the game. Your chances are as good as anyone else who plays. The only difference is knowing how much to bet and when to walk away, or in the case of live tv roulette online, when to turn off the TV or PC.