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Learn the Rules of Online Roulette

Want to achieve mastery in online roulette, first learn all the rules. The rules of online roulette are same as that of casino roulette. It is called as a game of probability. Here people have to estimate where the small ball will halt on the helm. If it stops on the winning slot, the player becomes the winner.

Hence, this game is more of chance, as no one knows where the ball will stop on the helm. To start with, the online roulette layout comprises of various numbers as well as color.

In case of American roulette online, counts comprise of numerical such as 00, 0 and from 1 to 36. The layout table has two zero numerical, represented in green color. Other numbers in red and black correspond directly to helm.

Basic Rules Of Online Roulette:

People have to consider the layout table of online roulette before making any guess work. The layout table comprises of 49 sections. Out of these 49 sections, 38 of it are numbers. When a person bets on peculiar numbers, those numbers become interior (inside) bets.

Now, the remaining 11 numbers of the section are referred as outer (or outside) bets. Various types of outside bets are:






Even money

Five numbers

Six numbers and


In dozen type of betting, participants are actually placing chips on either all or few dozen sections. These sections are first twelve, second twelve or third twelve. This means a participant is betting on set of all twelve numbers in online roulette. First twelve comprises of numbers ranging from one to twelve.

Second twelve includes numbers from thirteen to twenty four. Third twelve comprises of numbers from twenty five to thirty six. Now, with even money type of strategy in online roulette, participants have to bet on only one slots such as high, low, red, black, odd, or even. For instance, if a person has chosen red slot, then his ball need to land only on red number on the roulette wheel.

If the ball lands on red number 50, gamblers will receive the same amount of prize money. This type of bet, offers people with payout of 1:2. Now, this payout means that, if players play bet of $10, they will receive double the amount, which is $20.

Straight Bets And Street Bets:

Likewise, players need to bet on different slots in online roulette. If the ball lands on chosen slot, they win. In case of column betting, players have to bet on either first column, second column, or third column. In online roulette, the column bet pays out 1:2.

Straight bets in comprise of betting only on sole number. It offers payout of 35:1. In case of street bet, players have to bet on three numbers that too consecutively. This will give a payout of 11:1. Therefore, these are the few basic rules that will help gamblers to get started with online roulette.