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Online Roulette Gambling and Internet Roulette Tips

If you are a fan of gambling or playing roulette you would have seen many adverts for roulette systems plus all the websites about the scams. But what about the roulette scams, scammers?

Yes… you read that right; there are just as many websites making money from people checking out roulette scams as there are roulette systems. You know the ones, people who say all systems are scams and then try to get you to click on an online casino roulette banner. Of course this is where they earn their money, on the casino banners and the commissions from the punters that lose there money on them. The last thing they want is someone with a winning system as they wouldn’t earn any commission as all online casino roulette commissions are made from the losses.

I don’t want to single anyone out as there are many and there is nothing wrong with making money online, after all that’s how I make my living. The difference is that the information these people give you is not completely true, plus they are not interested in helping you in anyway. If they were, they would help you learn how to win at roulette instead of telling you that all systems are scams.

Now there are many roulette scams out there but there are also many systems that are not scams but are just systems that don’t really work very well. There is a difference! A scam has to involve someone telling you a lie or charging you for information knowing that it doesn’t work. A scammer is “a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud”. Not someone who has shown you a system that works most of the time but not all of the time.

In conclusion the online roulette scams, scammers are themselves lying and defrauding the public just to get casino commissions. Sometimes, accusing perfectly good systems of being scams when they are not. Personally, I think the saddest thing is they are stopping people trying great systems that really would have made them money.

Amongst the many roulette systems that don’t fulfil their promises, are some that do work and these scammer’s websites are spoiling things for those systems and for those people that really enjoy roulette and want to become a master at winning big profits. Many punters make a full time living gambling online and enjoy a great life because of it. I have won using many types of systems and sometimes a combination of systems so I know you can make money from online roulette.

Systems like the Martingale Roulette System, Roulette Sniper and Roulette Bot Pro are not scams. The last two are great systems that once mastered will make you a great income. Even the Roulette Red Black system works to a certain extent, but it is unlikely to make you rich and is given away online by people that again want you to sign up to online casino roulette and lose big time.

So… don’t believe these websites that call all systems scams, see if they have their own agenda before believing their scamming claims. You have to ask yourself, why spend time doing a website about scams if it’s not to generate revenue. They could just be the scammer themselves.