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Online Roulette Systems – The Myths Uncovered

Every day we come across more and more sites that purport to share the biggest gambling secret of all: the infallible roulette system that guarantees you limitless winning opportunities at the roulette wheel. Not to mention the spam that falls in my inbox every week that follows a similar message.

So lets blow away some of these myths. The first question you need to ask yourself is this: if there really was a watertight method of beating the wheel, would the casinos still offer roulette? Of course not. The bottom line is that the casino has an advantage in roulette (between 2.6% and 5.2% depending on whether you play European Roulette or American Roulette).

What this means is that over the long term, and averaging out many players, the casino rakes in more that it pays out. Of course individuals win (much like they do at the lottery). The difference is that the casino always wins over the long term. Call it a tax that they charge for operating an entertainment service if you like.

Now if you see a system that asks you to pay up front for a guaranteed system, avoid it like the plague! Generally speaking (and not just in roulette), is something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you are interested in finding out more information on roulette systems try our site Online Roulette UK. We have lots of free systems posted on the site.

What we do like about roulette systems, is the fact that they are systems. By that we mean that they encourage you to play more methodically which is always a good thing. Playing roulette with your head is ALWAYS better than playing with your heart. Play rationally and not emotionally!

Some of the more famous systems are the Martingale, the D´Alemebert, The Labouchere (as used by James Bond- but remember it was in a movie!) and the Fibonacci Sequence.

NONE of these system will alter your odds one iota- this is a function of the physical attributes of the wheel. But understand these systems and their limitations, and they can be fun to test out.

So, in summary-

Roulette systems don´t change your odds at roulette

They can help you play methodically

Always play with your thinking hat on rather than betting with your gut!

Given the choice, play European Roulette over American Roulette. The odds are better.

As with all forms of casino entertainment, our advice is to treat it as such: entertainment. Set yourself a budget with which you are prepared to spend to enjoy yourself. Then if you happen to win, it´s an added bonus!