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Playing Live Online Roulette From Your Home

Roulette can be a very treacherous game. The results are mostly based on luck. But, roulette players can raise their odds and avoid losing greatly. You will find some pointers here so that you know how to play the live online roulette.

Selecting the type of roulette casino game to play is important. There are two types of roulette. There is the American roulette that has two zeroes, and the European roulette version with only one version. This could seem like a tiny difference. The difference between the two zeroes and one zero is not about the look of the table, or anything cosmetic. The difference is that with an extra zero the American roulette gives a higher advantage to the house. The extra zero was in fact placed when the roulette was introduced in the United States and the casinos there wanted a better advantage. This signifies that the European roulette has an advantage lesser than the American roulette by a margin of 2.6%. If you like to play a live online roulette game, you should select the European type of the game. In roulette, you can also find the rule called en prison. This rule, while playing at a roulette casino game, can give you a higher advantage by a margin of 1.35%.

You should put your wagers next very carefully. The best wagers to place are the even money wagers. These are the odd/even, red/black/, 19/36, or the 1/18 wagers. These are the safest wagers to place. The even wagers offer the highest player advantage, among all of the possible wagers. With the en prison rule, when playing a roulette game, combined with the even number wager you will certainly have the highest advantage. The column and dozen wagers are good wager to place too.

You should stay away from wagers that are risky, like the street wager, the split wager, and the straight-up wager. The riskier wagers offer the biggest payout rates, but, you will feel better in the end by leaving the game with some money and not completely broke. You should also avoid the five-number wagers. Only if your gut feeling tells you to place a five-number wager, you should do it. On all the possible roulette wagers, the five-number wager offers the worst advantage to the players and the best odds to the house.

All of the rules that are in effect in land based casino are also in place for online casino; the same is true to their games. You should know when to stop playing while playing roulette. You can test your chance by putting one of the high paying wagers, but, at the moment you win a big wager, you should leave the game with your winnings. Do not let the notion of winning big keep you from exiting the casino with your winnings. There are slim odds for the player to win once, and even less chance to win for a second time. Online Roulette is a game of luck. These pointers are just to offer you a better advantage without being able to guarantee a win. If you win you should consider it a lucky shot and leave.