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The Online Roulette Guide For Beginners

Roulette is one of the popular games in both land-based and online casinos. It is a simple game, but it needs a certain betting strategy to win at the wheel. If you choose to play at online casino, then you have to choose a casino on the internet that has good reputation before registering an account with it. Most online casinos do offer online Roulette as one of their table games. After you have deposited the money into your account, you can start your bets. But, before you start to play the game, you have to understand the game rules so that you can arrange the betting strategies accordingly. Below are the basic guides for your references:

1. The Wheels

Basically there are two types of wheels for Roulette, the European and American wheels. The major difference of these two wheels is the European version has 36 slots with one “Green” slot labeled “0”, while the American wheel has 37 slots with 2 “Green” slots labeled “0” and “00”. The one extra slot on American wheel reduces the odd of winning to half, or it doubles the house edge that makes the players lose 2X faster than the European wheel. Therefore, as a new Roulette player, you should always choose to play at European Roulette because it provides you with a better chance of winning.

2. The Table Layout

The Roulette table layouts have two betting areas identified as “inside betting” and “outside betting” areas. The outside betting area has 6 sub-areas: the columns, the rows, red/black, high/low, odd/even and different groups of numbers. The inside numbers are arranged in 3x12rows labeled with 1 to 36. Depending on the type of wheel, there will be “0” and “00” on top of the columns.

3. The Bets & Payout

Straight Up Bet

There are several types of bets you can play on with different payment. The highest payout is 36-to-1 for American Roulette or 35-to-1 for European Roulette on straight-up bet winning. The straight-up bet is where you place your bet on the number, and if the number turns up to be the outcome, you win 35(European wheel) or 36(American wheel) on every chip you bet on the winning number.

Split and Quad Bet

You can increase the chance of winning from straight bet on a single number to split bet on two numbers. The split bet pays 17-to-1. Another type of inside betting is Corner or Quad Bet that pays 8-to-1. In Quad bet, you place the betting chip on the corner to 4 adjacent numbers. If one of these 4 numbers turns up to be the outcome, you win.

Street and Six Line Bet

The roulette table has 12 rows that consist of 3 numbers on each row. You can wager by placing your bet on the rows. This type of bet is known as Street / Row bet, it pays 11 to 1. If the roulette ball hit any of the number in the row you bet on, you win. Six line bet is similar to street bet, the difference is you bet on 6 numbers on adjacent rows. It pays 5-to-1 on every winning chip.

Dozen and Column Bet

Roulette table is designed to have 3 dozens: 1st dozen is from 1 to 12, 2nd dozen is from 13 to 24 and 3rd dozens from 25 to 36; and 3 columns: 1st column is the vertical line numbers start with 1,4,7,10,13, etc., 2nd column starts with 2,5,8,11,14, etc. and 3rd columns start with numbers 3,6,9,12,15, etc. Each bet pays 2-to-1 on every winning chip.

Even-money Bet

There are three even-money bet areas: Black/Red, Hi/Low and Odd/Even. You will win 1 unit on every unit bet on these even-money bet areas. New roulette players are advised to start play at even-money bet as these bets have the highest odd of winning that provides players the best chance of winning (48.6%) at every bet.


Roulette is a simple game, but new players have to understand the basic rules and strategies on how to bet at Roulette so that they get the best chance of winning. Use the above guide as your reference if you are a beginner for Roulette.