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Top Tips to Help You Beat Online Roulette

Lots of people now are playing roulette online – it’s simple to play and a great way to learn the game.  However if you want to beat online roulette  you’ll need a basic strategy to play. Roulette is a game of chance it was invented in the 18th Century and is still known as the ‘King of Casino Games’ probably due to its glamourous background with European royalty and the casinos of Monte Carlo.

When you play online roulette at a new casino the very first thing you should do is get a feel for the game and software on the casinos free play area. Every good casino should have one – have a play around and try some of the bets – find out if you enjoy playing on their software.

Top Tips to Beat Online Roulette

Always play on a European Style roulette table with one zero – the odds are much better
Test every game before you play for money on the freeplay area
If you see an obvious bias and you can’t lose in the free game – find another casino
Check for ‘En Prison’ rule means you may save your stake on an even bet if spin is zero 
Other good rule is La Partage which could save half your stake as above
Never bet heavily on due numbers – each spin is independent and is not influenced by past spins
Don’t use betting strategies such as Martingale – they can get very expensive for little reward
Don’t bet on the 5 number combinations – they have the worse odds on the table
Always be aware of your bankroll – stop gambling if you lose it
Always have a target winnings – when you reach it finish as a winner.

The last point is equally as important as the losing advice – gambling should be fun and you need to walk away a winner some of the time.  If lady luck is smiling on you – pick a predetermined point where you will walk away with your roulette winnings.  The Casino enjoys a house edge which means that if you keep gambling it will eventually win your money back and you will lose.   

Remember although we all try and win at online roulette it is primarily a game of chance and entertainment – so you will need some luck.    Try and pick a big company with a professional looking site – then you’ll be sure of a fair game and have support lines and a decent help desk if you have a problem.

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